We are a creative agency supporting upcoming talent in its raw form regardless of the kind.

Be it a particular form of performing arts, broad-spectrum feature film, short film, media visual, or audio-visual innovation.

This makes us a new visual initiative rising from the stealth of creating, producing, and financing talents and entertainment. We have reached several milestones with audio-visuals pertaining not just to one language but many like Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, Bengali, Punjabi, English, and many other regional ones.


Where it

all started?

We were established as an independent entertainment production and marketing company in 2018 by Mr. Ziad and Ms. Betty. With a great interest in historical films and filmmaking, the company was born to expand its native-language productions to the Middle East and Hollywood.

Mr. Ziad, who started as an interior designer at Greenline, got fascinated by the world of cinema after being introduced to it by his uncle. He got invested in filmmaking even before he knew it was happening. He began producing visuals to turn his fascination into something concrete and meaningful. After reaching a particular passion and confidence, he started his independent filmmaking company - Ziad.

Ms. Betty was a prominent health professional before she decided to settle with her businessman husband. Being in a business family, she gathered enough experience and market knowledge to provide the company's financial and experiential backend. At present, here she is with Ziad, helping the company to expand and strive forward.



we do?

Most of our projects are art movies.

Our projects result from a metamorphosizing process of turning imagination into a parallel reality. We try to give life to the characters we bring into this world as figments of our imagination. As much as we give life to our characters, they are nothing without the artists who live them.

Our trained artists live the character as if it is their own. Our and their combined passion pushes our projects forward onto the screen with intact zeal and life.

We believes in raw talents

The company does not bias creativity and talent.

We believe that raw talents have the potential to revolutionize the stage and industry. We push forward as many upcoming scriptwriters and stage artists as possible. We provide them with an opportunity and the motivation to exhibit their mettle to the world without having to pay a considerable sum of load to find recognition.

We do this solely for our belief in spreading peace around through movies and cinema because that is one thing that unites all cultures and people.

We are here to bring out the best

For us, art is something that unites us to our souls

It is phenomenal to watch ourselves connect with similar thoughts and beliefs via our imagination and fantasy being lived on the stage as we perform or see someone perform. We believe art can be felt more realistically in its original form if we hone it within ourselves. We are here to bring out the best and carve the real artist in those looking to pursue the same.

We not only make films but rather capture moments, memories, and emotions in fragments that later combine to deliver excellence in reality.

in-house 9,500 sqft photographic studio.

We envision the company to help and direct budding artists, actors, and filmmakers to the persona they relate to.

While guiding them through the process, we aspire to bring forward the stories and folklores that lie unexpressed and hidden in our culture and history.

We desire our work to be a light in the dark for those having difficulty turning their imagination into reality.